About RhiaBakes


I’m Rhia and welcome to my blog, RhiaBakes. I started this blog to be able to share my passion for baking with other like minded people.

I’ll start with a little bit more about me, I am 24 and live in Cornwall with my boyfriend and three energetic pups! Okay, none of them are technically puppies anymore but they all act like it.

We moved down to Cornwall three years ago and absolutely love life down here. Since moving down and opening our B&B I have had more time to focus on baking, as I bake for our guests everyday anyway . . . so why not combine the two?

I have taught myself everything I know through trial and error, watching many YouTube videos and reading countless blogs. I’ve finally found my confidence in baking and I hope I can help you to as well.

My aim is to share all my delicious recipes with you right here on RhiaBakes. I’ll also be posting plenty of videos on YouTube, so be sure to find my channel and subscribe!

If you have any tips, recommendations or questions about the bakes, please do message me as I would love to hear your thoughts, especially if you make anything!

Rhia x x x

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